The languages used in MS 408 are ( Yes, there are multiple languages, but their pronunciations are almost same ). Landa, Khojki and Brahmi are used throughout the book. 1. Landa ( Which later became Sindhi, Khudabadi, Khojki ) 2. Brahmi ( 300- 400 B.C )  Which gives a reason to believe that MS-408 is copied from an original book 3. Multani 4. Mahajani 5. Khojki 6. Gurmukhi which is also a descendent of Landa script ( Words which cuts at the end and sounds individual standing separately ). Gurmukhi usage is very minimal, which tells that the book was written prior to the era in which the Gurmukhi was main stream in Punjab region around 1430 AD. The last page 116V is written by someone else other than the original writer as it contains characters from Sarada  and JaunSari scripts from mountainous region of Southwestern Kashmir as those few lines are similar to later on what became Kashmiri Dialect and scripted language. First paragraph from 1r                    goes like this.“Many 100's of years desire tradition and as requested by the cultivator from his pouring knowledge in under increasing guidance To accomplish it this promise of the interrogation of field subjects and about those manner for eating about their power learning from oneself condition about under ongoing sufferings about stuck in those conditions which has already affected them learning from them in self-help either called for taking care during taking care or When called by the messenger one about trees provided information in parts and about desire….”

Voynich Manuscript is written in Landa Khojki Scripts and belongs to Sindh regions Merchant​ -                          Sukhwant Singh